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Boardshort Twinfins

If you love going into the sea with the Twinfin , then all the softness of that surf , and the sinuosity of the shape of that board , you can find it in this model , from elegant and stylish lines !

Thunder Boardshort


The Thunder Bshort was born out of my great passion for ACDC ;-)…before I get into a nice rough sea , I always listen to Thunderstruck…and so …inspiration made me imagine a 90s wide pattern that would however cinch in at the waist giving Oldschool effect.

Classic Bikini – HIGH WAIST


A luminescent bikini perfect for your salty days !



Ùndess also is riding with you in the mountains !

Choose your favourite colour or pattern!

Neckwarmer Reversible

Ùndess also is riding with you in the mountains !

Choose your favourite colour and pattern!

Wood Sweater

The right sweatshirt for those who prefer to draw new lines in the woods–from MTB to Freeride.
70% cotton fleece 30% polyester.
If you want a baggy effect , select the size in More than your usual fit.
Obviously made in Italy 😉

Top Bikini – High Waist


The two-piece for true sportswomen who want comfort and style !

Suitable for all water and non-water sports .



” Namastè “



Sexy Sporty Girl !

West Surfbikini


A sup ride , a long swim , surfing in warm seas , a Kite on in Wind foil , in short a nice Lycra bodysuit to fight wind and acrobatics !!!

Poncho OLDSCHOOL 1980


For those who feel like a true 80’s Rider , prefer to stand out from the uniformity of the mass , with style and diversity. Square and colorful inserts will take you back to the dawn of early Riding!

Replace the 1-2-3 colors of the basic placement , with patterns or other nuances according to your taste .
If you decide you want to embroider lettering or logos on it,write before placing your order to .

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